Tony Turner Photography | About
My Father was a photographer and an artist. He had a darkroom in the basement where I was allowed to sit quietly in the dark as he would develop and print photographs using one of his massive enlargers and a myriad of chemicals. I guess that's where the mystery began to unfold for me. Somewhere between sitting under the hot lights as he composed portraits of my brothers, sister and I and the mysterious workings of the dark room I was bitten by the photography bug.
As the youngest of seven in a family full of artist and musicians, I was certainly in the right environment to bring creativity to the technical knowledge afforded by watching my dad.
I saved up for my first real, 35mm camera in high school and started taking pictures for the yearbook, as well as to supplement my artistic vision. I started taking photography seriously then, focusing on transcending the snapshot in an effort to make better images.
In 2007 I made the move to digital photography and a new world opened up. I have since photographed live performances, special events, head shots and portraits. I still use 35mm film and a Polaroid instant camera to keep the creative juices flowing for my own projects.